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Infographic about the support provided to the persons under international protection

Ievietots: 14.11.2017

To provide learning courses and informative activities adapted for the needs of the persons under international protection that would facilitate their inclusion into the Latvian society, the Society “Shelter “Safe House”” is implementing the project “Support Activities for Persons Under International Protection” since 1 July 2016. The project is mainly focusing on subjects that are important for the asylum seekers after their arrival in Latvia and starting their independent life after obtaining the status. Please, see the achieved results in the infographic!

Within 15 months, 17 groups, i.e., the total 401 representatives of the target group from 22 countries, participated in the Social Economic Inclusion Program and completed the education: Syria 275, Iraq 12, Afghanistan 12, Eritrea 27, Russia 5, Belarus 4, Ukraine 2, Georgia 4, Armenia 10, Azerbaijan 3, Kazakhstan 1, Tajikistan 10, Kirgizstan 4, Turkey 7, Cuba 2, USA 1, India 8, Sri Lanka 3, Nepal 1, Cameroon 1, Lebanon 4, Bangladesh – 5. 

Translations from the Latvian language to Tigrinya, Arab, Kurdish, Tajik, Georgian, Hindi, Urdu, Spanish, Tamil, Dari, Bengal, Turkish, French and Russian languages have been ensured during the entire period.

Information material “Latvia – a Country by the Baltic Sea” (“Latvija – valsts pie Baltijas jūras”) has been updated http://www.beglis.lv/lv/informativie-materiali

Information material about Latvia for children “Hedgehog and His Friends Learn about Latvia” ("Ezis un viņa draugi iepazīst Latviju") has been developed http://www.beglis.lv/en/-informative-materials

10 information stories/animations telling about subjects important to refugees in simple language with duration up to 3 minutes have been made http://www.beglis.lv/en/video

Website www.beglis.lv has been updated; the website contains information in 6 languages – Latvian, Russian, English, French, Arab and Dari. The website has two main target audiences and tasks — one of the functions of the website is to create an understanding about refugees ensuring the opportunity for Latvian residents to receive information about different aspects of including refugees into the Latvian society. The refugees, who can receive answers to questions they are interested in by using the website, is the other target audience. The website provides this information in languages, which are currently spoken by the asylum seekers who have entered or moved to Latvia.

The project is implemented by the society “Shelter “Safe House”” within the framework of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund. Its period of implementation: 1 July 2016 – 31 December 2017 The project is co-financed by the European Union.  Grant Agreement No. PMIF/9/2016/1/03.

Information was prepared by: Rasa Salina (Rasa Saliņa), Communications and Social Media Expert, e-mail: rasa.salina@gmail.com