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26.01.2018 Implementation of the Support Actions for Persons under International Protection II Project has Begun

24.01.2018 NGO “Shelter “Safe House”” Continues to Develop the Information Centre for Newcomers

28.12.2017 Information Centre Has Helped over 2.5 Thousands Foreigners

22.12.2017 The support project educating persons under international protection about Latvia closes

22.12.2017 Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

01.12.2017 Baltic Sea Counter Trafficking Award winners announced; one of the winners - Sandra Zalcmane

23.11.2017 Volunteers of the Information Centre for Immigriants invite to participate in a creative workshop!

22.11.2017 In January in Riga a 3-day long Training Forum - "Integration Dialogue" will be held

14.11.2017 Infographics on Support Provided by the Information Centre for Immigrants

14.11.2017 Infographic about the support provided to the persons under international protection

26.10.2017 Persons under international protection explore the adult learning and employment opportunities

13.10.2017 The Fifth Meeting of NGO Dialogue Platform Organisations Has Taken Place

29.09.2017 Group No. 18 starts the training program about Latvia

21.09.2017 Information Centre has Provided Support to Citizens of 75 Countries

31.08.2017 Training Courses for Asylum Seekers Continue in Summer

28.08.2017 Representatives of Six Cultures Gathered for the Afternoon of Ukrainian Culture in Ane

14.07.2017 An Event Aimed at Development of Relations Between Representatives of Different Nationalities Took Place in Ozolnieki

10.07.2017 355 Persons Under International Protection Have Acquired Knowledge About Latvia Over the Year

06.07.2017 Evaluation Report on Provision of Services of the Social Worker and Social Mentor

28.06.2017 Summer Solstice Celebration in Cesis Brought Together Foreigners Living in Vidzeme

21.06.2017 Representatives of Public Authorities and NGOs Meet with Persons under International Protection

14.06.2017 An Event Will Take Place in Expectation of the Refugee Day and Summer Solstice

29.05.2017 In May, two groups of persons under international protection gained knowledge about Latvia

16.05.2017 More successful integration of immigrants requires competent education of specialists in the field and more active exchange of experience

09.05.2017 Information Day at the National Library of Latvia on May 20

26.04.2017 Persons under international protection visit Motor Museum

07.04.2017 Volunteers from All Around Latvia are Invited to Participate in “Volunteer Leadership School” Training

03.04.2017 3rd meeting of the European Migration Forum in Brussels

30.03.2017 Information material “Latvia – a State at the Baltic Sea” has been updated

10.03.2017 The Third Meeting of NGO Dialogue Platform Organisations Has Taken Place

21.02.2017 Mother Language Day emphasizes cultural diversity and multilingualism

14.02.2017 Introduction of an educational material for children

30.01.2017 Information and education activities are implemented for supporting immigrants in Latvia

23.01.2017 Persons under international protection from seven countries gained useful knowledge of Latvia

27.12.2016 Information on the integration of refugees is available to the public in six languages

23.12.2016 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

09.12.2016 Reflection of the Migration Topic in Media Discussed at the Conference

08.12.2016 Findings from the HESTIA Project presented at the EU NREMs meeting

29.11.2016 Information material about Latvia for children in the Arab, Dari, French and Latvian languages has been prepared

24.11.2016 Experts from 13 countries meet at the HESTIA Project conference