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16.09.2021 `Migrant Talent Garden" meeting in Vilnius

14.09.2021 The 6th episode of "I live in Latvia: here and now". Together with Khushi Malhotra through the streets of Old Riga!

08.09.2021 Persons Under International Protection get acquainted with latvian cinema

03.09.2021 Persons Under International Protection Continue To Get To Know the Latvian Cultural Canon

25.08.2021 Representatives of the association participated in an international project meeting in Estonia

23.08.2021 The latest Information Centre for Newcomers podcast can be heard on Spotify

17.08.2021 Information Centre for Newcomers podcast in collaboration with The UN Refugee Agency

12.08.2021 The newest Information Centre for Newcomers news episode is here

05.08.2021 Persons Under International Protection Get To Know the Latvian Cultural Canon

03.08.2021 Information Centre for Newcomers in Jelgava is working remotely

30.07.2021 We present the new "I live in Latvia: here and now!" episode!

21.06.2021 On June 16th, persons under international protection listened to kokle playing and melodious summer solstice songs

15.06.2021 UNHCR: despite some remaining challenges, refugees still optimistic about their future in the Baltic countries

11.06.2021 "Migrant Talent Garden" lecture on product sales and distribution channels: part 1 and part 2

03.06.2021 The sixth episode of the Information centre for newcomers news: work and challenges during the pandemic

03.06.2021 "Migrant Talent Garden" lecture on communication and public relations

28.05.2021 A lecture on product design and development with the designer Charles Busmanis

24.05.2021 We publish the fifth lecture of "Migrant Talent Garden" on creating and testing business ideas; the next remote lecture will take place on Thursday

20.05.2021 A remote lecture for Persons under International Protection is being held

14.05.2021 Project`s "Migrant Talent Garden Latvia" fourth lecture on establishing a business

14.05.2021 A lecture on product development was successfully held

10.05.2021 The 4th episode of "I live in Latvia: here and now" has been published. In this series we cook potato balls together with Khushi Malhotra

07.05.2021 On May 4th, persons under international protection celebrated the Day of the Restoration of Independence of the Republic of Latvia

07.05.2021 We invite you to watch lecture by the "Migrant Talent Garden" lecturer about business models; the topic of the next lecture: product design and development

06.05.2021 The fifth lecture of the project "Migrant Talent Garden" has been successfully held

30.04.2021 We offer you to watch the 2nd "Migrant Talent Garden" lecture

29.04.2021 Next "Migrant Talent Garden" lecture on creating business ideas to be led by the senior expert of the University of Latvia Innovation Center Kārlis Kivlenieks

28.04.2021 The fourth lecture of the project "Migrant Talent Garden" on the business establishment process took place

23.04.2021 The first "Migrant Talent Garden" lecture available on the organization`s youtube channel

22.04.2021 Next "Migrant Talent Garden" lecture by Dāvis Suneps will be held on tuesday, april 27th!

21.04.2021 The third "Migrant Talent Garden" lecture on business has been held. Topic: business models

16.04.2021 On 31.03 the 3rd group successfully completed the Latvian language course within the project “Support Activities for Persons Under International Protection”

16.04.2021 The second "Migrant Talent Garden" lecture has been held

12.04.2021 We are publishing the fifth episode of the Information Centre for Newcomers news

12.04.2021 The next lecture of the project "Migrant Talent Garden" will take place on Thursday, 15.04.2021, at 5PM

09.04.2021 On 08.04.2021. the first lecture on business within the framework of the project "Migrant Talent Garden" was successfully held

06.04.2021 4th podcast of the Information Centre for Newcomers with Quad Okuns

06.04.2021 The first lecturer within the business lecture series of the project "Migrant Talent Garden" - Viesturs Sosārs

29.03.2021 Interview with a belarussian family about the integration in Latvia

24.03.2021 Success story with Carolina Ruiz! Moving from Venezuela to Latvia