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Forced Labour

Forced labour is a form of modern slavery. The key features that differentiate forced labour situations from regular labour market conflicts are violence or threats of violence against aggrieved party. In case of forced labour a person is forced (with violence, threats or deceit or using the persons helplessness or dependence of the guilty party) to perform tasks or provide services against their free will. Respectively regular labour market conflicts do not involve violence but are legal conflicts between the employer and the employee.

Features of forced labour:

• Employee has limited freedom of movement and action;
• Employer takes away the employees personal documents;
• Limitation and/or prohibition of communication;
• Forcing the employee to do what they do not want to;
• Employment without a contract, socal guarantees, breaks and holidays;
• No treatment or help provided in cases of trauma at the workplace.

Forced labor cases do not apply to violations of the Labor Law such as when the employer makes the employee work longer hours or pay less that he should. These situations are to be solved taking legal actions in the context of labour market and law and can not be seen as cases of human trafficking.


Campaign "Sold Freedom"
"Shelter "Safe House"" from August 2012 till February 2013 implemented an outdoor social advertising campaign "Sold Freedom" in five largest cities of Latvia.