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About Migrant Talent Garden Business Incubator for Newcomers

Ievietots: 02.01.2020

There is a lot of work that goes into starting up a business and turning it into a profitable success. While that success won’t happen overnight, the use of a good business incubator program to help cultivate an idea in its early stages can go a long way toward helping it grow quickly with strong roots. However, when you are starting a business in a foreign country, there are additional hardships as you navigate a different culture and its ways of approaching clients, learn to speak the local language, try to understand the local legislation and business building patterns.

There are many reasons why new businesses fail. Probably the top one is the lack of matching an idea for a product or service with an actual problem that the market needs solved. Migrant Talent Garden can help give you guidance in a variety of ways early on to validate that your idea meets a market need. However, it will also give you help with the basic things which might seem larger than life when starting a business in a foreign country, such as how to register your own company, how to open bank accounts. And, of course it will provide space that is adapted for your needs and will help you to create your own net of support by organizing regular events to meet local entrepreneurs and other migrants who are in the process of designing, launching and running a new business.

This all starts with the application process to get accepted into the Migrant Talent Garden business incubator program. Then, once you are part of our program, you will have resources and guidance available to take further steps quickly to test that your idea meets a market need. With focus and structure provided by the incubator, you will be well on your way to building a minimal viable product (MVP) which will help test your idea with customers and open the door for potential funding by investors.

We see this as an opportunity to build your business community. Many entrepreneurs work alone, who in addition to developing their idea into a tangible good or service must also be able to understand business functions such as marketing, finance, accounting and even the legislation. Now add to all this, a completely different country to your own, which is a challenge itself. They also need to have soft skills such as the ability to present in front of potential investors or customers and general business etiquette. That is a lot to undertake for a group of people, let alone one person trying to get their company off the ground.

Migrant Talent Garden can help with all of these challenges. It will provide education to entrepreneurs through mentoring and business training programs. It will build a community of individuals with a variety of skill sets, expertise and experience. In its essence, Migrant Talent Garden is a great networking opportunity to seek out advice in areas of need while helping provide education, feedback or referrals on things that have worked and have not worked for others.

If you are 15 – 29 years old foreigner,
If you have started to think about your own business,
You have ideas, but you don`t know where to start - 

Business incubator will give free-of-charge support to start your own business!

To submit your participation, please contact us+371 25565098 (I-V 9:00-17:00) or sending a message to: info@integration.lv.

We hope to see you!

Society "Shelter "Safe House"" in cooperation with partners from six countries - Croatia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece, Norway and Iceland - has started implementing the project "Migrant Talent Garden". It’s aim is to involve migrants aged 15 to 29 in creating business, including to provide support to this target group, knowledge of national laws, and conditions for setting up their own business. It is planned that the project will create an e-platform for business support, which will provide online opportunities for participation in the training program, as well as information on the regulatory base for starting a business in each project member state, as well as the establishment of business incubators for migrants in each of project countries.

More information about project "Migrant Talent Garden"<<

Project "Migrant Talents Garden" Nr. 2017-1-186. Project implementation time 01.10.2018. - 30.09.2022. The project is funded by the EEA and Norwegian Financial instrument. Project co-financed by Ministry of Culture.