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Business Incubator for Newcomers

Ievietots: 16.12.2019


If you are 15 – 29 years old foreigner,
If you have started to think about your own business,
You have ideas, but you don`t know where to start - 

Business incubator will give free-of-charge support to start your own business!

To submit your participation, please contact us+371 25565098 (I-V 9:00-17:00) or sending a message to:

We hope to see you! :)

Society "Shelter "Safe House"" in cooperation with partners from six countries - Croatia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Greece, Norway and Iceland - has started implementing the project "Migrant Talent Garden". It’s aim is to involve migrants aged 15 to 29 in creating business, including to provide support to this target group, knowledge of national laws, and conditions for setting up their own business. It is planned that the project will create an e-platform for business support, which will provide online opportunities for participation in the training program, as well as information on the regulatory base for starting a business in each project member state, as well as the establishment of business incubators for migrants in each of project countries.

More information about project "Migrant Talent Garden"<<

Project "Migrant Talents Garden" Nr. 2017-1-186. Project implementation time 01.10.2018. - 30.09.2022.

The project is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA and Norway Grants Fund for Youth Employment. Project co-financed by Ministry of Culture.