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Guest lecture at the Riga English Grammar School

Ievietots: 30.05.2023




Specialists from the "Shelter "Safe House"" visited the Riga English Grammar School today: lawyer Gita Miruškina and social worker Ilze Norvaiša. The purpose of Gita and Ilze`s visit was to talk about human trafficking - how to recognize this crime, and how a young person can avoid falling into human trafficking networks.

Together with the students, a situation was acted out about a girl, Dārta, who comes across a tempting offer for a job abroad on Instagram. One of the schoolgirls joined in the role of Dārta, while the other young people expressed their opinions and guesses about the risks of human trafficking the heroine of the story might be exposed to. An intense, interesting discussion took place about the causes of human trafficking, the responsibility of fellow human beings and why this type of crime is difficult to detect.

Thank you to the English Grammar School for the cooperation! Awareness and education about risk situations is important both for young people themselves and for all of us as a society in general.

Anyone facing a situation where human trafficking is suspected is invited to call the 24-hour hotline of the "Shelter "Safe House"" +371 28612120.