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In March, the 8th training group completed the integration training course, the 6th group completes the course of Latvian

Ievietots: 29.03.2019

The Society “Shelter “Safe House”” informs that on March 20 the integration training course was started and on March 29 was completed by the eighth group, which included 18 persons under international protection from eight countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Russia, Iraq, Lebanon, Sri-Lanka, Uzbekistan. The project leader Z.Rudene indicates that the training group includes persons under international protection, who are accommodated in CAS “Mucenieki”, as well as persons living outside it – independently.

Integration courses provide an opportunity to their participants to acquire knowledge about Latvia, its state system, history, culture and traditions, practical information about Latvia, information about integration into the society, non-discrimination principles, communication, religious and cultural differences, housing market, employment options, education system and opportunities to obtain education. Participants can also learn about spending their leisure time, the health care system, social security network and social assistance system in Latvia. 

In order to enable to get knowledge and skills of Latvian necessary for work and everyday life, as well as develops main language skills, the course of Latvian is implemented within the scope of the project “Support Activities for Persons Under International Protection II”. On March 12, members of the training group passed a test of their knowledge – a diagnostic work for the lowest language level, which included listening, reading and writing skills. L.Zilberte, the teacher of Latvian, informs that those 11 course listeners, who received certificates for the course, may continue learning Latvian at the next level.

Until 30 June 2020 support under the Support Actions for Persons under International Protection II project will be provided to 500 persons, among them adults, children, and illiterate asylum seekers.

The Support Actions for Persons under International Protection II project is implemented with the support from the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and co-financed by the European Union. Grant Agreement No. PMIF/9/2017/2/01/

Information was prepared by: Rasa Salina (Rasa Saliņa), Multimedia Communications Specialist, phone 29145314, e-mail: