Informative meeting for women asylum seekers

Ievietots: 03.08.2023

On a July afternoon, women from Afghanistan, Iran, Russia, and Ghana gathered for a joint meeting at the asylum seekers` center "Mucenieki."

The women got to know each other (not all were familiar with one another, as some had arrived at the center just today or the previous day) and were delighted to have the opportunity to meet and learn new information. The meeting was led by Judīte Briede-Jureviča, the head of the association "Krīzes grūtniecības centrs" (Crisis Pregnancy Center). The theme of the meeting was "Gender Equality for Women in Latvia. Equal Opportunities."

After the formal part of the meeting, the women sampled various Latvian delicacies such as rye bread, "cielaviņa" (Latvian pastry), honey cake, chocolate, kvass (a traditional beverage), and rye bread chips. The conversation revolved around the role of women in different cultures.

The participants of the event were very happy to have the opportunity to meet other women and gain valuable information about life in Latvia, the available support for asylum seekers, and the fact that women (like men) in Latvia are full-fledged members of society, with all the corresponding responsibilities and support.

The project "Assistance and Integration Measures for Women Refugees in Latvia" is being implemented in cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).