Lawyer consults at the Centre for Asylum Seekers in Mucenieki

Ievietots: 27.07.2023

The association "Shelter "Safe House"" provides support to victims of human trafficking and immigrants in Latvia. With the specific purpose of assisting asylum seekers, one day in July, our lawyer Gita Miruškina arrived at the Accommodation Centre for Asylum Seekers in Mucenieki.

The consultations took place in the library space, and their content is, of course, confidential. Based on her experience, Gita shares that the questions mostly revolve around the asylum procedure, its duration, and the possibilities of receiving various forms of support (such as medical assistance) during the procedure. A smaller portion of questions is related to the relatives of asylum seekers who are not in Latvia and the possibilities of helping them. Sometimes, there are also inquiries about employment opportunities and how soon one can start working (the law allows it three months after commencing the asylum procedure).  

In total, nine asylum seekers received consultations during this time. In connection with the problems faced by her clients, Gita also met with the mentor for asylum seekers, Ramona, from the organization "Caritas Latvia."

We sometimes feel bewildered when dealing with state institutions, trying to understand the laws, our rights, and duties. This confusion and concern are even more pronounced when these matters need to be addressed in a country where you have recently arrived. Therefore, the guidance of a competent lawyer is invaluable for asylum seekers.

The project "Assistance and integration measures for refugee women in Latvia" is implemented in cooperation with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).