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The integration training course about Latvia is concluded by two groups of persons under international protection

Ievietots: 25.06.2020

Project manager Zanda Rudene informs that in June the integration training course was completed by two groups, in which a total of 16 persons under international protection from 8 countries acquired knowledge about Latvia.

Both groups started the integration course simultaneously on 5 June and completed on 15 June. In each group, the course was mastered by 8 students who came to Latvia from Azerbaijan, Colombia, Vietnam, Yemen, Turkey, Afghanistan, Iran and Cameroon. In both groups, the participants were interested in the course of the lectures, which was also evidenced by 100% attendance of the lectures each time. The main interest was in legal matters, such as where to turn to for information before a permanent residence permit has been obtained, how to prepare/write the necessary documentation, where to obtain the services of an interpreter, as well as medical matters, such as where to turn to for help, etc. Having completed the course and received the certificates of the acquired knowledge, the students appreciated the information obtained during the training and emphasized that it had been practical and would be very useful in future.

Quality communication with participants of both study groups was ensured by Dari, Spanish and French interpreters and language experts.

On June 21, both groups had a closing event – they visited Laima chocolate museum.

At the same time, the training, which was implemented by PMC Mucenieki and interrupted due to the state of emergency declared in the country, was completed by the 11th group of Latvian language training course consisting of 8 people from Azerbaijan, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan and Cameroon. Currently, the 12th group of 14 students is still continuing their studies and it is planned that the certificates of completion of the course will be received on the last day of the project implementation, i.e. on 30 June.

In total, it is planned to provide support to at least 500 persons under international protection – adults and children – within the framework of the project "Support measures for persons under international protection II" until 30 June 2020.

The project "Support measures for persons under international protection II" is implemented with the support of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and is co-financed by the European Union. Grant agreement No. PMIF/9/2017/2/01/