Women and children in a fairy house

Ievietots: 07.06.2023

There is a place in Riga where both adults and children feel like they are in a fairy tale house. This is Forest of Dreams studio. Recently, the owner of the studio, Lauma, invited refugee women who currently live in Latvia. The children also came along, because it is a great opportunity to be together, to relax, and to play enthusiastically.

The women got to know each other and had conversations while making cookies in the form of nuts. Several remembered that they had already baked them in their childhood, together with their grandmother. However, even those who had never made these cookies, easily learned the simple, almost meditative skill, while getting to know each other and conducting conversations.

On the other hand, the children played enthusiastically throughout the visit. There was a ball pool, a play kitchen, and many, many other interesting activities and things.

Gunta from the ""Shelter "Safe House"" and Anna from the UN Refugee Agency helped look after the children. The opportunity to help brought much joy to them!

What else could we do together? Such a question was raised at the end of the meeting. Let`s continue to work to give women and children joy and rest in the far from simple life of refugees and asylum seekers.

We invite you to view the photo of the meeting in the photo gallery.

The project "Assistance and integration measures for refugee women in Latvia" is implemented in cooperation with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR).

Women and children in a fairy house