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You are welcome to apply for a seminar on marriages and their link to migration

Ievietots: 10.04.2019


In order to exchange experience with institutions and organisations working in the area of integration, as well as to ensure effective cooperation between institutions, on April 24 the Information Centre for Newcomers organises a seminar “Marriages of convenience as a form of human trafficking in the region of the Baltic Sea States: trend, practices and their link to migration”. 

During the seminar its participants will be provided with the possibility to learn about the experiences obtained by field experts in Latvia and the Baltics.

Venue: Lāčplēša Street 75 – 1B, Riga

Time: April 24, from 10:00 to 16:00

Application for the seminar: until 15 April 2019. The number of participants of the seminar is limited.    

Application form for participants<<

Attention, please! You can attend the seminar remotely – it will be broadcast online on YouTube<<

Topics of the seminar:

Phenomenon of human trafficking in the region of the Baltic Sea States: interinstitutional cooperation

Marriages with foreign nationals: daily practices

Marriages of convenience as a form of human trafficking: their phenomenon in Latvia and in the world

Marriages with third country nationals: regulations and trends

Lecturers of the seminar:

Vineta Polatside, Senior Expert of the Council of Baltic Sea States in Human Trafficking

Solvita Saukuma – Laimere, Director of the Civil Registry Department of the Ministry of Justice

Gita Miruškina, lawyer/expert of the Society “Shelter “Safe House””

Rita Tetere, Deputy Head of the Migration Department of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs

Additional information on the seminar: tel. 67898343, 29180450 e-mail:

After the event, it is possible to get a certificate about participation in the seminar.

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